K-12 Grade English

K-12 Grade English

Seventh Grade English

Common Core curriculum builder and lesson designer for teachers and parents

Are you a teacher, a parent, or an educator of Kindergarten English? This is perhaps the only app you ever need. Invest 2 minutes and read on. Your patience will be greatly rewarded.

What this app does:
• Describe each Common Core States standard as is, along with a very simple example • Provide you the tools to write a simple lesson with little learning curve • Supply you with advanced tools to create engaging lessons with a long learning curve • Organize lessons freely into curricula that you believe to be effective • Teach students as a group, or individually with the lesson plans • Share lessons with students, fellow teachers, parents privately in person or via email • Publish or download timely and relevant lessons from online community • Provide a structured nomenclature so the lessons are relevant • Grow with you. We have apps for K-12 Math, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies • NEW: Whiteboard Animation included • NEW: Speed Draw feature included • NEW: 3 new advanced lesson creation tools included • NEW: Built-in Natural Text-To-Speech Voice that reads your lesson out loud

A community that is exclusively reserved for the Seventh Grade English. We have experts to assure the lessons are always grade and subject appropriate. Parents and teachers can choose lower or higher grades for their children.