Letter to Teachers

Thursday, January 23, 2014 10:08 pm PST

Why is this app for you? You can create ultra-cool lessons that wow your students. These are not the low quality cheesy lessons that put you off. Have you been frustrated by those silly game apps and wished that you could build one yourself? Trust me, it is not easy. You need to buy expensive software or apps and learn how to use them. Or you can hire a graphic artist, an animation guy and a coder and spend time managing the team. Now after all this, you still need to buy high quality images and clip-art to fuel your content, or risk being sued for copyright violations. After an arduous journey and potentially tons of money out of pocket, you may have created some content that might impress your students. But soon you will find yourself missing the infrastructure to deliver, organize and update these lessons. So, you are back to square one.

Imagine that all these issues have already been solved by a team of experts. Yes, we have accomplished all of the above after four long years of development. Not only that, because we are a relatively new company, we have to impress you in order to earn your trust. This is your chance to get this app for a one-time nominal fee of just $4.99. Use this app to do all the features described above and build unlimited lessons. Build any lessons that align to the new Common Core State Standards, or to your State's own standards. You can even create lessons that meet or exceed the standards set by the Programme for International Student Assessment (or PISA).

Suddenly, you become the superhero in your school, or school district, or the great State of yours, or a national hero. Most importantly you are doing what all teachers are meant to do; to deliver engaging and customized lessons that best meet the needs of your students.

Wait, there is more. Now you find yourself popular among many of your students. But there is a group of super-talented geniuses who need bigger challenges, and there is a group of students who are struggling and need extra help and motivation. Here is the light-bulb moment. With the help of our simple to use tools, you can spend a minimum amount of time with maximum results helping these two group of students, one-on-one. Challenges are easily met and the struggles are quickly disappearing. Not only do you make these kids happy, you alleviate the concerns of their parents, and you feel a strong sense of accomplishment.

The reality is, on the other hand, not all of us are heroes. Not everyone is an expert storyteller. Not everyone has the motivation to be the hero. We may have the so-called teacher's block. We are only human. The good news is that the app comes with a community of successful stories, inspiring presentations, and high-quality, relevant lessons. They are contributed by like-minded teachers, educated parents who are also subject-matter experts, and prodigious students who are demonstrating their leadership skills. Instead of paying $2.99 for each lesson, you get unlimited quality lessons free, for life. Imagine you are a fifth grade math teacher. You have access to thousands of the newest and finest lessons, all organized into the proper domains so you can pick and choose the very best to be included in your curriculum.

So, the choice is yours. Sometimes status quo or hand-me-down lessons from big name publishers is NOT a good thing. Remember when you were struggling in college and your motivation happened to be at its peak? That is who we are, the petite company with a few super talented guys who want to make a difference. We have no politics, we only do what we think is the best for our customers - you, and your students.

Below is a list of everything you can do with this app. We will start with the key benefits and expand this list as we add new features and uncover the success stories:

  • Use it as a reference to Common Core State Standards
  • Create lessons and present them to your students
  • Download lessons created by other teachers, or SME parents, when available
  • Use it as an electronic whiteboard when tutoring one on one
  • Take notes on anything new on the curriculum, including training
  • Share with students and parents via email
  • Allow substitute teachers to use your lessons
  • Organize all your lessons with the database and search tools, online and offline
  • Publish your lessons and share them with the world
  • Acquire feedbacks on your lessons from other teachers, parents, and students
  • Assess your students via observation and via return emails
  • Use the practices folder to jot down your ideas
  • Learn and share new learning technologies via community (coming soon)
  • Help ESL students with translated lessons (coming soon)
  • Practice Bloom's taxonomy with our advanced tools
  • Use this app as scrapbook, ideal book, or sketch book
  • Use this app as your PowerPoint presentation, slideshow
  • Use this app as a teleprompter
  • Use this app as your voice recorder
  • Use the cloud as your backup device
  • Research what's best, what's cool, and what's inspiring
  • Customize your lessons for gifted kids
  • Customize your lessons for special needs kids
  • Create lessons for handicapped children
  • Simulate any board games
  • Make & publish movies quickly
  • Customize curricula
  • Design graphics for classroom, school, or personal web pages
  • Create cool animations
  • Send cool electronic cards, animated or image, with or without sound
  • Design and draw comics or cartoons
  • Write and direct school plays
  • Coach kids sports
  • Teach children how to draw
  • Create, save, and reuse unlimited clip-art images
  • Design logos, icons, and signage
  • Simulate any apps, games or non-games
  • Do wire framing
  • View and share almost any document
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Teach writing, reading, speaking, listening and grammar in your English class
  • Show relationships between math and Science, and in Science labs