Letter to Parents

Friday, January 24, 2014 8:23 pm PST

Hey Moms and Dads, I bet you're here to find the best math app for your child. Money is not your biggest concern, but if the app sucks you will be angry - even if it is free. I have some good news for you. Please be patient and hear me out: Like you, we are parents of children going through K to 12. My twin boys are now in 11th grade. As smart as they are, math is not something they learn overnight. When was the last time you picked up their textbook? With nearly 1000 pages, it could easily weigh 10 pounds. Have you tried to flip through these pages? I bet your first impression is "there is no way in hell that I can help with my kid's homework - let's get a tutor."

Here are the three great pieces of news for you.:

1. Common Core comes to the rescue. Instead of going through 300+ pages of textbooks that include more than a dozen chapters and hundreds of subjects, Common Core has narrowed it down to 5 domains and around 30 standards, by focusing on fluency and critical thinking. We can go into detail on this later. This app includes all domains and their corresponding standards. It provides you with a 'simplest' example for each standard. With the help of our app, you can spend as little as 30 minutes and have a basic understanding of what your child will learn in the entire school year.

2. Now the fear of the unknown is gone, your new fear will be not knowing your child's exact standing. Here is the second piece of good news. You can do it yourself. Invest perhaps a total of 4 hours to thoroughly understand each of the 30 standards. Although we do expect that there will be plenty of great lessons created by top teachers and other parents who are also subject matter experts, such luxury may be absent if you are one of the early adopter of this app. This is a GOOD thing because it gives you an opportunity to invest some time in doing your own homework. Trust me, your child will appreciate the help from their parents more so than from anyone else. For serious parents who wish to invest the time, we will provide you with all the resources free of charge. You can assess your child's understanding of math and help your child with their homework with ease. A bonus: all techniques are proven and require very little of your time. Another bonus: if you are unfamiliar with the subject we will provide you tutoring for free! Yes!!! Absolutely free. Why pay $20 an hour when you can get 200 hours of expert tutoring for free? All we ask of you is to get involved. We don't tutor if you don't show your share of responsibilities. You must follow our methods in order to successfully teach your child.

3. Here comes the best part. Creating lessons for your child. This goes beyond sitting down one on one writing on a blank piece of paper. That can be boring and uninspiring. Helping your child on the spot can be intimidating - if not embarrassing. Yes, embarrassing when you don't know how to answer a simple question. Ever heard of the saying that preparation is the key to success? Take charge, learn the subject matter before they hit you with the questions! Unfortunately, there is NO EASY WAY to do this. If you truly care about your child, we would recommend that you spend 4-8 hours a week preparing for your child's classes. Yes, this is just math alone. Good news is that you only need to do it for the first 8 weeks. So a total of 48 hours must be invested. This is the WORST CASE SCENARIO, but it is the most challenging and rewarding scenario. No matter how young or old you are, this is the free education we can provide for you. Based on your educational background and your work skills, we will supply you the appropriate training and tools so you can pre-build all the lessons that you believe will be best for your child. This is the perfect time to bond with your child, find his or her interest, and inspire your child to excel. Are you interested in investing that 48 hours?

Now, if these three great pieces of information do not motivate you, we recommend you to take full advantage of this app:

  • You can understand what your child is learning in school
  • You can download free lessons when they become available
  • You can request free tutoring when you or your child are stuck with a problem
  • You can use it as an electronic whiteboard
  • You can pass it on to your other children
  • You can use it as a scrapbook, ideas book, or a sketch book

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NOTE: We have designed our app to meet the new Parental Gate guidelines set by the iTunes store. We have created the double gates so kids cannot access to the area you do not wish them to. In fact, once you enable the gate, your kid won't even know that this area existed. Also, we don't ask for in-app purchases, and we will NEVER, EVER use ads. Rest assured that this app is be 100% focused on learning.